Competition Tools

Some tools and suggestions for running competitions

Having decided what type of competition you wish to run (see the Competitions Page for more details), you would probably welcome some help with the setting up and running of such a competition.

If you are running a League (Round Robin) competitions, or a Ladder, then all you need is provided free on this website - see our "How it Works" page for help and advice for Leagues and Ladders.

If you are running a "Knock-out" or "Elimination" competition, then as this is usually a single event run over a short period (usually less than a week), it's not realy worth setting this up on a website. However, there are tools to help you run this type of competition:

Excel Templates for Running Knock-Out Competitions

The first piece of information you need in order to start the process of putting together a knock-out competition is "How many particiapnts do I expect". This will determine which excel template you should use.

If you want to save the above excel templates, rather than open them right now, just right click on the link and then select "Save target as...." and choose a location on your local PC that you can easily find again.

Happy Competitions!