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You must be a registered user of the website in order to access this feature. Registration is completely free and quick to do. Register here if you are not already a registered user before you proceed. In order to access your Fitbit data, you have to be logged in to your Fitbit account and you must also grant permission for this application to access your data from Fitbit. To do this, simply click on the link below and you will be passed to the Fitbit login page first of all (if you are not already logged-in to Fitbit) and then you will be asked to grant permissions to access your Fitbit data (grant access to ALL data - don't restrict what data the application has access to, as some profile data is used to personalise the results page). After completing these 2 steps, you will be returned to this website, where your data will be displayed and you will be given the option of downloading it. If you are returning to this page, you will be able to easily re-select previous download selection criteria and see the data/charts again (within 30 days of your original request). Click here to find out what type of data you can access.

PLEASE NOTE: If you select "Detailed (Intraday)" data, then this will take a little while to download and display - especially if you choose a date range of several days. You might want to use the time to "run on the spot" to get your step count up! :-) - One month's Intraday Heart Rate data can take more than 10 minutes to download!. Date ranges of more than 1 month should be avoided for Heart Rate Intraday Data.

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