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Latest News

Administrators are now able to set up their leagues so that bonus points are awarded to players who complete all of their games. This encourages players to play all of their matches each cycle. The number of bonus points is defaulted to 0, but administrators can amend this to any number by going to the "Manage Leagues" page and clicking on the "Change League Details" icon. There you will see a new field "Bonus points for playing all matches in a cycle?". If this is a non-zero value, an addition column is added to the "View Results" page showing any bonus points earned by players. The corresponding help page for league parameters has also been amended.

The "League Player Statistics" page has been enhanced to include a couple of additional details for each player in the list. The ability to sort the table of players by any of the details shown has also been added.

Administrators are now able to have 2 different "Maximum Ranking Difference" values . This enables the ladder to operate, for example, with the top 5 players being limited to challenges a maximum of three positions above and the rest of the ladder to allow challenges up to 10 positions above. All these values can be set according to the Administrator's wishes. The parameters are amended via the "Edit Ladder Details" option.

For Squash Ladder administrators, it's now easier to re-order your players. As well as using the "move up" and "move down" icons on the "Manage Players" page, there's now a completely new page allowing administrators to "Re-Order Ladder Players". This page allows administrators to completely change the order of players in a ladder by entering the new ranking positions of all players in one go - very useful when initially setting up a ladder, after adding the members to the ladder.

Security Improvements: The website is being totally converted to operate under a more secure internet protocol, and will now use encrypted communications. For those with more technical knowledge, we are cutting over to using an HTTPS protocol for the entire site as from today. For those of you with less technical know-how, this shouldn't concern you. In fact you should be able to continue to use any saved bookmarks etc. and links to the site from your own club websites. If you experience any issues with links not working, do let me know, but there shouldn't be any need to amend any of them. For all users of the website - this should mean you can now use the site in the knowledge that it's now even more secure than before!!

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