Want to download your Fitbit data?

Download Your Fitbit Data: Are you using a Fitbit to monitor you exertions on the squash court? If so then you will probably want to download your Fitbit data to get a deeper understanding of how you perform. Using a Fitbit is a great way to check your basic exercise stats., such as how many steps you have taken, how far you have walked/run, etc. (see example of a Fitbit Dashboard below).  Using the heart rate monitor allows you to track your heart rate through a game, and correlate your performance with how your heart rate varies during the match.

As a Fitbit users you are allowed to download your Fitbit data using in-built functionality on the Fitbit website, but if you want more flexibility, and want to access the intra-day data for heart rate, for example, you need something more. Continue reading

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Handicap squash tournaments – running and managing

Ever though about handicap squash tournaments? – In my squash club, the standard of player varies tremendously, from complete beginners to A-class players. We have run quite a few tournaments, but the only impact the various players’ different abilities have on the way we ran the tournament, was the way in which we seeded the players. The results are therefore fairly predictable, and this means that we don’t tend to get as many players interested in playing as we might. I was very interested, therefore, to hear about handicap squash tournaments – an alternative way of running squash tournaments, whereby players are each given a handicap reflecting their abilities. Continue reading

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Solo Drills for Beginners

I have had the pleasure of teaching a lot of beginners, and the very first session usually goes something like this – after a few minutes talking to them about safety (which I always think is the MOST important point to cover first), I usually ask them to hit the ball a few times against the side wall just to see how co-ordinated they are. Often they progress quite quickly to the stage of being able to hit it back to themselves a few times, so it’s time to move them on a little.

Hence I am always on the lookout for some good introductory videos showing practice drills that beginners can try and use to improve. Thank goodness for youtube! There are countless numbers of videos fitting the bill, and in fact one of the problems is that there are so many to choose from. Continue reading

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Squash and old age – Up to what age can you still play squash?

Squash and old age: I thought I was pretty old to still be playing squash (at 64) – but then I saw the latest post from England Squash about the British National Championships currently taking place in Manchester, UK.

This encourages me no end, and I have set myself a goal to continue playing until I’m 80 years old 🙂 – at least !! Continue reading

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The correct squash ball to use

The Correct Squash Ball: How many of you have started playing using a “beginners ball” only to move on to the “proper 2-yellow-dot” ball as soon as you started to get a bit better? Even worse I know some beginners who have started learning to play squash using this ball.

I have inducted quite a few beginners into the beautiful game of squash and one thing they all had in common was that to start with they had trouble actually hitting the ball. Part of this problem comes from the fact that unless the ball is the right type of ball, it just doesn’t bounce like beginners expect it to.

So – when you are just starting at squash and especially when you are playing with someone who is just starting (assuming you are an experienced player) – use a faster ball. Continue reading

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