My racket strings are fraying!

My racket strings are fraying

Yes, my racket strings are fraying – a bit like my nerves when I am 4-0 down in the first game!

So – I recently had my preferred squash racket restrung with Tecnifibre strings, and after playing with the racket a few months I’ve noticed that the strings are starting to shows signs of extensive fraying:


I have never seen this before, but after a little research online I discovered this is not unusual for “Multifilament” strings. I found an especially interesting comparison of the different types of string here on the website.

This page explains:

“Multifilament strings have no centre core, but are made up of hundreds or thousands of strands of material twisted together, usually with an outer coat for added protection. Typically, aging of multifilament strings exhibit a ‘furry’ nature to the strings as the outer coat wears and the individual fibres break.


Multifilaments are the closest to natural gut and offer the best comfort to people suffering from tennis elbow or other arm problems. They offer great playability and shock absorption and many of the premium multifilament strings are getting closer and closer to natural gut. One drawback is their tendency to lose tension faster than a string with a solid centre core. Pre-stretching the string before stringing can help reduce this tension loss.

Multifilaments often tend to be more expensive, but a cheaper alternative to natural gut”

So – mystery solved – the strings have not contracted some mysterious disease, nor have they got some sort of mold growing on them (which it looks like!)

I sort of want to hope that the reason the strings are only fraying in a relatively small section, is because this is the racket’s “sweet spot” and I am continuously hitting my shots using this small section of the strings………dream on eh?  😉



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