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Handicap squash tournaments – running and managing

Ever though about handicap squash tournaments? – In my squash club, the standard of player varies tremendously, from complete beginners to A-class players. We have run quite a few tournaments, but the only impact the various players’ different abilities have … Continue reading

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Solo Drills for Beginners

I have had the pleasure of teaching a lot of beginners, and the very first session usually goes something like this – after a few minutes talking to them about safety (which I always think is the MOST important point … Continue reading

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Squash and old age – Up to what age can you still play squash?

Squash and old age: I thought I was pretty old to still be playing squash (at 64) – but then I saw the latest post from England Squash about the British National Championships currently taking place in Manchester, UK. This … Continue reading

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The correct squash ball to use

The Correct Squash Ball: How many of you have started playing using a “beginners ball” only to move on to the “proper 2-yellow-dot” ball as soon as you started to get a bit better? Even worse I know some beginners … Continue reading

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My first post!

Welcome to On the “T” This is the very first post of the Blog. Hopefully it will be the first of many – posts that interest and entertain you, the reader. If you find the posts worth reading – and … Continue reading

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