The correct squash ball to use

The Correct Squash Ball: How many of you have started playing using a “beginners ball” only to move on to the “proper 2-yellow-dot” ball as soon as you started to get a bit better? Even worse I know some beginners who have started learning to play squash using this ball.

I have inducted quite a few beginners into the beautiful game of squash and one thing they all had in common was that to start with they had trouble actually hitting the ball. Part of this problem comes from the fact that unless the ball is the right type of ball, it just doesn’t bounce like beginners expect it to.

So – when you are just starting at squash and especially when you are playing with someone who is just starting (assuming you are an experienced player) – use a faster ball.

correct squash ball

Use the correct squash ball

Absolute beginners should start out with a slightly larger ball that’s much faster (especially when cold) than a 2 yellow-dot ball – moving on to a blue or red dot and thenĀ a single yellow dot – gradually as their technique improves. Even quite good “leisure players” can benefit from using the slightly faster one dot yellow.

A trick I often use that’s maybe worth passing on is to drop the ball into a cup of very hot water before you start the knock -up. Even a 2-dot-yellow moves very fast after that and you can keep it hot quite easily if you are playing reasonable squash.

And remember – it doesn’t matter too much WHAT type of ball you are using, they all hurt a lot when you get one pumped into the back of your leg or your back – so play safe!!


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