Chambers and Partners Squash - CAPS 19

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Ladder Parameters: What does this mean?

Maximum Ranking Difference: 5 [Note: The top 5 players have a Maximum Ranking Difference of 3]
Challenge Expiry Period: 7 Days
Number of Unrestricted Challenges: 0
Allow Concurrent Challenges: Yes
Scoring System in Use:  First to 3 Games

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Current Ladder Rankings and challenges outstanding:

Ranking Player Name Is Challenging Challenged by Last Match This Ladder
1 James Roberts     28-May-2019
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2 Hudson Heffer     22-Jul-2019
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3 Karl Read     08-Apr-2019
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4 Vian Chowdhury     18-May-2019
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5 Ed Draper     22-Jul-2019
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6 Robinson Redmond     14-Jun-2019
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7 Joe Chapman     No Matches Played
8 Xerxes Tengra     No Matches Played
9 Quoc Tran     No Matches Played
10 Katya Gorska     No Matches Played
11 Ben Nickson     No Matches Played
12 Jess Anderson     No Matches Played
13 Francois Gill     No Matches Played