Club News:

25-10-2016   23:57:21

Etihad is participating for the first time in the World Airline Squash Tournament held in Dubai this year and hosted by Emirates Airline. Competing airlines are Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Kuwait Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates Airline and Etihad Airways. Kuwait have been putting up some good players over the past tournaments and Cathay following close. Let's keep our fingers crossed for our teams' first time participation in this competition.

28-02-2015   00:20:45

The Divisions within the Etihad Squash Club League have been "overhauled" and players who haven't played for some time have been removed from their respective divisions. Anyone wanting to rejoin are more than welcome - just email the club administrator.

03-10-2014   05:24:52

New League Cycle started on September 27th. Cycle finishes on October 31st!

18-08-2014   07:32:38

Last few days of the current League Cycle - don't forget to play as many of your matches as possible!

17-07-2014   06:15:40

Hi All The new Ladder is now 'up and running'. We can try both the league and the ladder for a while to see if they are complimentary for each other - I hope so. Regards Barry

04-07-2014   09:49:50

I've started setting-up the new Ladder......will be able to launch it soon.

21-06-2014   03:55:50

New League Cycle now started - ends on 19th July!!

25-05-2014   01:04:34

The current League Cycle ends on 13th June - so make sure you play all your games before then!

10-05-2014   10:30:01

New League Cycle started today, 10th May 2014. Don't forget to play all of your league matches before the end of the cycle - 13th June. Good Luck!

05-05-2014   04:19:53

Last few days of this Squasg League Cycle ................ make sure you get those games arranged!!

03-05-2014   02:13:20

Only a week left until the end of this League Cycle.