Club News:

06-08-2015   03:22:48

Witham Leisure Centre - Squash League Expectations and Rules - league is open to players of all standard. - All games must be played within the dates specified in the current cycle. - All matches are the best of 5 games, played with the double yellow spot ball, unless both players agree to use a different type. - The score at the end of court time stands, unless both players agree to a re-match. - A walkover is given to a player if their opponent fails to turn up without giving reasonable prior notice (48hours or as agreed). Walkovers will be awarded at the discretion of the organisers. - A walkover: 3 points to claimant, 0 points to opponent. Once agreed, claimant can input walkover on system - Only completed games count toward points scored. - In the event of points being tied between two or more players at the end of the cycle, positions will be determined based on the following criteria: a) Winner of the game between players tied b) Player with more victories c) Player who played most matches d) If STILL equal – then, a play-off OR the Organiser's discretion decides. - Players not completing their full quota of matches may be excluded from future cycles. - Game rules are the English "Server only scores" scoring system rules: 1) Only the server scores points. The server, on winning a rally, scores a point; the receiver, on winning a rally, becomes the server without a change of score. 2) A match is the best of 3 or 5 games at the option of the organisers of the competition. 3) The player who scores 9 points first wins the game, except that on the score reaching 8-all for the first time, the receiver chooses, before the next service, to continue that game either to 9 (known as "Set 1") or to 10 (known as "Set 2"). In the latter case the player who scores 2 more points wins the game. The receiver must clearly indicate this choice to the Marker, Referee and the opponent.