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02-01-2015   22:41:40

Squash Rules:

02-01-2015   22:37:01

Basic Info: The two places in town with courts are the Rimrock and Rocky Mountain Resort. I`m pretty sure Body Basics in Red Deer has a court as well if you`re interested. You`ll need to call whichever hotel you want to play at in order to reserve a court for your match. We`ve got a wide range of squash ability in the ladder, on one end we have Sterling 'The Guru' McCullough, and a bunch of guys who have never played on the other end. You can challenge any player on the ladder that is up to 4 'rungs' higher than you, and have 7 days to organize the match between the two of you, and record your score on this site. We will use the double yellow squash balls in this ladder. If you do not have a racket or ball, you can rent them from either location or buy them (they aren`t expensive). You will win your match when you 3 of 5 games against your opponent (unless you agree otherwise).