Club Address: Widnes, WA7 7QH, Cheshire, United Kingdom

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Kingsway Leisure Centre (Widnes), Social Squash League and all very welcome.

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04-02-2019   08:11:40

A massive thank you to Paul Chadwick for the seven years of running the leagues for us all, its been a great pleasure in having him and thank him for all his hard passionate work he has put into ensuring our fun and enjoyment throughout! Pauls announcement: It was seven years ago last December that Jon B, Andy P & myself sat down in The Four Topped Oak - Andy & I drinking manly pints of Wainwright and Jon sipping some sort of tart's cold fizzy liquid :-D. The Squash Ladder at Kingsway had recently folded and I had been asked by Kingsway if I wanted to run it. I had already said no as I thought it was a non-runner. However as the beer flowed that night Andy suggested we start a Squash Mini-League, similar to one he used to play in at Portsmouth. I said I would approach Kingsway and we started the Leagues. For those who joined prior to the start (Tom F, Tony Y, Kenny G, Ste M) you may recall that they nearly never started, as the day before the kick-off date of 1 March the courts became flooded and Kingsway thought that they may never re-open. They did though and we were joined by Stuart A and Mike K for the new launch date of 1 April 2012 I have enjoyed many, many great times on the courts with all of you, so that's a very BIG thank you. I will continue to run the Leagues this month and next, but on 1 April, seven years to the day when they started, this will end. So can I strongly suggest that you all do some talking and decide who you want to replace me.

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