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Latest Site News: ...... Number of Registered Users: 32147 ...... Latest Clubs to start using online: Lottery Spells That Work Instantly+27717403094 ...... Revenge Spell Caster Online+27717403094 ...... +27717403094 Lost Love Spells ...... Latest Updated League Match Scores: 28 Sep 2023 - Rabih Rahil v's Louise Wyon - Score: 4-1 ...... 27 Sep 2023 - Jonathan Li v's Aaron Liang - Score: 5-0 ...... 27 Sep 2023 - David Guest v's David Rose - Score: 0-3 ...... Latest Updated Ladder Match Scores: 26 Sep 2023 - Jordan Lloyd challenged Nipun Agarwal - Score: 3-2 ...... 26 Sep 2023 - Jake Oldershaw challenged Nick Lallie - Score: 2-3 ...... 24 Sep 2023 - Matt Hallewell challenged Vincent Ye - Score: 3-0 ...... Latest Forum Posts: 13 Feb 2016 - Re: Squash Blog Sites ...... 03 Feb 2016 - Want access to your own Fitbit Data to download? ...... 24 Oct 2015 - Squash Blog Sites ......

Well, the squash community seems to be gradually recovering from the effects of COVID. October 2022 saw the highest number of match results recorded on the website since records started in 2014 - with more than 3000 match results entered on the site. this is now in excess of pre-covid levels. Smash on!

Mobile App - it's worth trying this again! I have just discovered a problem with the mobile phone apps, that's been 'lurking' for a while! I know some users were experiencing difficulties with the app, but could never get enough detail to trouble-shoot it properly. I have now managed to do this, and found an issue which would have prevented any players registering after a certain date from using the app successfully - but it's all sorted now. So - if you have tried the app, but found it kept crashing upon login - then it's well worth trying it again. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

The integration with the website has been enhanced to allow club administrators to omit results for chosen leagues being sent to SquashLevels. This is particularly useful for those clubs running both Squash and Racketball leagues on this site. Hence, the administrators can choose to send all Squash Match results to SquashLevels, but omit the Racketball results.

The option to send results to SquashLevels (or not) is on the "change league details" page.

Lots of relatively small improvements have been made to the site and the App in the past year. More are to follow, so keep an eye open for announcements of these additional improvements in the coming months. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions for improvements to either the App or the website - please do let me know by going to the link - Contact link

Mobile App now available! There's now a mobile App (available for both Apple and Android devices) that compliments the website. The most common functions for league players are available on the App. Users can quickly see the state-of-play for their league division (who's played who, current positions etc.). They can enter scores for their matches, view the other divisions for their club, see a complete list of club members and contact any of these directly from the App - either by email, telephone or SMS, at the click of a button. Best of all, users can receive notifications of match results direct to their mobile phone - either just for their own division or for the entire club. These are sent immediately that a player enters a match result. I will be working at enhancing the mobile App in due course to extend the functionality, but in the meantime, I'm please to accept suggestions etc.

Club Administrators can now request that the validation email is resent to any of their club members, if the member is having a problem receiving the validation email. Simpy visit the "Manage Members" page and click on the icon depicting that the member has not validated their email address. A copy of the validation email is also sent to the Club Administrator requesting the email.

Registered Users of the site can now upload a profile picture that is stored and displayed so that fellow club members can put a face to a name when arranging matches.

To upload a profile picture, users should click on their name (top right hand side of each page), and then select "add or change my profile picture".

Administrators are now able to set up their leagues so that bonus points are awarded to players who complete all of their games. This encourages players to play all of their matches each cycle. The number of bonus points is defaulted to 0, but administrators can amend this to any number by going to the "Manage Leagues" page and clicking on the "Change League Details" icon. There you will see a new field "Bonus points for playing all matches in a cycle?". If this is a non-zero value, an addition column is added to the "View Results" page showing any bonus points earned by players. The corresponding help page for league parameters has also been amended.

The "League Player Statistics" page has been enhanced to include a couple of additional details for each player in the list. The ability to sort the table of players by any of the details shown has also been added.

Administrators are now able to have 2 different "Maximum Ranking Difference" values . This enables the ladder to operate, for example, with the top 5 players being limited to challenges a maximum of three positions above and the rest of the ladder to allow challenges up to 10 positions above. All these values can be set according to the Administrator's wishes. The parameters are amended via the "Edit Ladder Details" option.

For Squash Ladder administrators, it's now easier to re-order your players. As well as using the "move up" and "move down" icons on the "Manage Players" page, there's now a completely new page allowing administrators to "Re-Order Ladder Players". This page allows administrators to completely change the order of players in a ladder by entering the new ranking positions of all players in one go - very useful when initially setting up a ladder, after adding the members to the ladder.

Security Improvements: The website is being totally converted to operate under a more secure internet protocol, and will now use encrypted communications. For those with more technical knowledge, we are cutting over to using an HTTPS protocol for the entire site as from today. For those of you with less technical know-how, this shouldn't concern you. In fact you should be able to continue to use any saved bookmarks etc. and links to the site from your own club websites. If you experience any issues with links not working, do let me know, but there shouldn't be any need to amend any of them. For all users of the website - this should mean you can now use the site in the knowledge that it's now even more secure than before!!

A further enhancement has been added to the Fitbit functionality available on the website. Fitbit users can now re-run a data extract using previous selection criteria, to avoid the need to re-enter these details as well as being able to download and chart their Heart Rate in finer detail and "zoom-in" to specific times to see how their heart rate responded to periods of intense exercise. Find out more here.

Weyhey!! - We crossed the 3,000 registered user mark this morning! Thanks to all of you that use the site - I hope you get benefit from running your squash clubs here.

Further enhancements added to the Fitbit functionality available on the website. Fitbit users can now download and chart their Heart Rate in finer detail and also "zoom-in" to specific times to see how their heart rate responded to periods of intense exercise. Find out more here.

Added functionality to allow Ladder Administrators to decide if all players are allowed to enter results for any (of their own) Unscheduled Matches, or if only the Administrator is allowed to enter these results. Also small changes made to prevent the entering of results after the league cycle has auto-closed. This was previously possible in certain circumstances by people other than the club Administrator. This has now been corrected.

Added functionality to allow hosting for "Squash Associations". This allows hosting on the website for multi-team, multi-division squash leagues, complete with fixture lists, team and player statistics. Also updated navigation so that users have a "My Home Page" giving them quick access to the places they are most likely to want to visit.

Added some fancy graphics to show where the various clubs are that use on a map of the worldCheck it out here!

The previously reported problem with the email server has now been rectified and normal service has been resumed. If any users experience further problems with the email server, then please let us know using the "Contact Us" link above. Thanks.

PROBLEMS with Email Server: Sorry, but we are currently experiencing intermittent problems with the email server that is used to sends out messages to members. We are investigating and we will post another update as soon as this is fixed. Please bear with us while this is corrected, and we appologise for any inconvenience. Thanks.

Anyone out there using a Fitbit to monitor their exertions on the squash court? I have one and find it a great way to check your basic exercise stats., such as how many steps you have taken, how many floors you have climbed etc. But also it has a heart rate monitor that allows you to track your heart rate through a game. Fitbit allows users to download this data using in-built functionality on their website, but I wanted more flexibility - so I'm building this feature into the SquashLeagues website. It's very much "work in progress" at the moment, but soon, I hope (subject to Fitbit granting my application access to the right permissions), any Fitbit user will be able to download any of their data using the interface on this site (which uses the official Fitbit API). Check it out here!

Due to popular now allows Club Administrators to change the default scoring system to one of their own choosing. Administrators can now amend the points table used to allocate points to players depending on the game scores of their matches. You can find out more detail here

There's an interesting website recently started called "Zero to Heroes" - which may well be of interest to many of you. It's a website dedicated to allowing people to post video clips of their play (not just squash - but this sport is included) and receive constructive feedback from the community of other squash players/coaches out there - with a view to being able to improve their game. There are some great features on the site - check it out!

Users may have experienced problems lately with sending emails and/or the login functionality. Apologies for this, but hopefully the issues have been resolved. Please use the 'contact us' page if you experience problems using the website and we will endeavor to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Further enhancements to the website have been introduced. Changes have been made to allow other recipients to be copied on emails sent through the website. Also changes to the navigation on the site have been made, allowing registered users to get to their own club results quicker.

The website is continuously being improved and enhanced. A few of the recent changes include the following: News Items are now added automatically, and include items found using Google Search. Changes have been made to make the website more usable ("responsive") when used on mobile devices. The "List Clubs" page has been changed so that users can now filter by Country if they wish to search for a squash club in their own country.

If you are interested to read about what's happening globally related to squash, then you can also check out Squash News from Around the World