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  • US Open Squash

    Aug 16 2017 3:27PM
    Dartmouth College Seeks Men’s and Women’s Assistant Squash Coach
    This full-time position is a part of a decision-making team (coaching staff) under the direction of the head coach in planning, coaching, recruiting, administering, and promoting the squash program within NCAA, Ivy League, and institutional standards. The Assistant Coach plays a critical role in achieving the overall goals of the squash program by providing important […]
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  • CoachPhillip

    Mar 19 2016 6:31PM
    Learn to take the good with the bad.
    Everybody loses sometime. Everybody has an off day. Everybody gets injured at some point. Everybody gets ill. Learn to accept those days, events and situations with grace. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep trying to win all the time, play your best every match, avoid getting injured and trying to stay health. It just means […]
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  • Serious Squash

    Aug 3 2017 7:15AM
    Serious Squash Film #2
    If you've been wondering where I've been I've been away on holidays and since my return I've been writing and book, learning to play guitar and also running a lot of summer junior training sessions. This week I also started filming the 2nd Serious Squash full length film. If you don't already follow Serious Squash on Instagram or Facebook to find some clips from the recent shoot. Once the editing is complete it will be up for sale at the SeriousSquashShop.com. Stay tuned for more details including the theme and official release date.
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