Want access to your own Fitbit Data to download?

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Want access to your own Fitbit Data to download?

Postby BarryG » Wed Feb 03, 2016 7:45 am

Since I recently acquired a Fitbit, I have been interested to see how I can use it to track my performance during squash matches and discovered that it's not that easy to get access to the data that is stored by the device. In fact, some of it just isn't available to download using the 'standard' Fitbit App.

So......I thought "it can't be difficult to build an App that uses the published Fitbit API, allowing users to access and download their own data - surely?"

Well it turns out that it's not all that straightforward, but I am making good progress. I already have this working for Heart Rate data (which is what I wanted to see in detail), and I'm working on accessing the other types of data, such as step data, calories burned, etc., etc.

The "Intraday data" that's stored on the device I have (I have a Charge HR Fitbit) is very detailed minute-by-minute data, so can be used to assess recovery rates etc.

Anyone wanting to have a play with this, can access it here

Enjoy! :roll:
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