Can you call a 'stroke' on a serve?

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Can you call a 'stroke' on a serve?

Postby BarryG » Tue Feb 24, 2015 8:41 am

Courtesy of Reddit, a very good discussion about the situation of calling a stroke when receiving serve:

Original Question:
"In a recent (friendly) match I was serving to my opponent's backhand and hitting the back wall off of the side wall which forced my opponent to take a step or two back to hit his return. After a few missed shots he started calling lets on almost every serve and on one serve he backed up enough to call a stroke.

Is this legal?

I was serving off the back wall on purpose as this guy has a very good return game and this seemed to mitigate it. I don't feel like I was encroaching on his ability to hit a return by moving to the middle too quickly. At what point do you draw the lone between playing the game by the rules and litigating a match? "
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