Squash Shoes

I was sent a request recently to publicise the article below which is all about Squash Shoes.

The article is very detailed and might be of interest to some of the SquashLeagues.org website users.

Happy Reading!

You can find the article here.

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Squash Doubles

Squash doubles, anyone?

I have played squash for around 50 years but I have NEVER played squash doubles – up to now,  at least. This is sure to change soon.

Why have I never played? – well, I always considered squash doubles to be a dangerous game. I thought it was too easy to get hit by a wayward racket swing, or to suffer a fast ball to the middle of the back (or worse!). So for this reason, I never really considered trying squash doubles. In hindsight, this is a shame.

Squash Doubles in action

There’s not a lot of room on a normal-sized squash court when playing squash doubles!

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Playing squash all-year-round – Survey Results

Playing squash all-year-round – Survey Results

Two weeks ago, I posted a blog post about playing squash all-year-round wherein I posed the question as to why, like myself, players didn’t continue to play squash throughout the squash ‘off-season’. I found some research that had been done, but this didn’t answer my basic question.

So – I decided to run a survey myself to see what I might find out. I posted an invitation on reddit.com (r/squash) for players to participate in the survey and after a little time I also opened up the survey to all users of my SquashLeagues website.  I managed to get just under 70 responses (around 2% ) from those registered on the /r/squash community (thanks guys!) and around another 160 responses (just over 5%) from the SquashLeagues.org registered users.

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Playing squash all-year-round?

Playing squash all-year-round

For many years now, I have been playing squash all-year-round. I enjoy the game so much, I want to continue playing as much as I can, and quite honestly can’t see any reason for me to stop playing, or even reduce playing, at certain times of the year.

For a while,I was puzzled as to why everyone didn’t continue playing squash all-year-round. However, when I started to do a little research, I found that there are some very good reasons why some players don’t continue playing squash all-year-round.

I found one previous survey that had been done but this doesn’t go into the level of detail I wanted:

playing squash all year round

2011 survey undertaken by CollegeSquashAssociation.com

Does squash have an official season?

I also asked the question on  the reddit squash forum recently. The question I posed was as follows:

I can understand why sports like cricket and football have seasons, as they are outdoor sports and are governed by the weather to some extent. But why does squash have a season – and just so I know, is there an “official” squash season? Does it vary with location? When is it? Personally, I play all-year-round, and am just curious when I read about start-of-season or end-of-season squash events. Can someone enlighten me please?


I received a variety of responses, such as:
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The Split Step in Squash

The ‘Split Step’

Many of you will have read or heard about the mystery of the ‘Split Step’ in squash already. Some of you, however, will not. This is one of the important movements (if not the MOST important movement) to master in squash.

We all know it’s important for you to be in the right place to return the ball, and to be there in plenty of time to prepare for your shot. This is vitally important if you want to control the rally – and hence overcome your opponent. But why is it that the professionals seem to make it look so easy to be in the right place at the right time? The answer is in understanding the ‘split step’.
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