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Latest News

Anyone out there using a Fitbit to monitor their exertions on the squash court? I have one and find it a great way to check your basic exercise stats., such as how many steps you have taken, how many floors you have climbed etc. But also it has a heart rate monitor that allows you to track your heart rate through a game. Fitbit allows users to download this data using in-built functionality on their website, but I wanted more flexibility - so I'm building this feature into the SquashLeagues website. It's very much "work in progress" at the moment, but soon, I hope (subject to Fitbit granting my application access to the right permissions), any Fitbit user will be able to download any of their data using the interface on this site (which uses the official Fitbit API). Check it out here!

Due to popular now allows Club Administrators to change the default scoring system to one of their own choosing. Administrators can now amend the points table used to allocate points to players depending on the game scores of their matches. You can find out more detail here

There's an interesting website recently started called "Zero to Heroes" - which may well be of interest to many of you. It's a website dedicated to allowing people to post video clips of their play (not just squash - but this sport is included) and receive constructive feedback from the community of other squash players/coaches out there - with a view to being able to improve their game. There are some great features on the site - check it out!

Users may have experienced problems lately with sending emails and/or the login functionality. Apologies for this, but hopefully the issues have been resolved. Please use the 'contact us' page if you experience problems using the website and we will endeavor to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Further enhancements to the website have been introduced. Changes have been made to allow other recipients to be copied on emails sent through the website. Also changes to the navigation on the site have been made, allowing registered users to get to their own club results quicker.

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